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Sustainable Actions

Inspiring through travels that educate and provide enriching experiences is one of Belo’s purposes. We work to touch the hearts of our participants and broaden their horizons, awakening not only respect and empathy for different cultures and customs, but also an interest and a responsibility to sustainability and care for natural resources and the planet.

Since the beginning of our operations in the Amazon region, we have created a supportive relationship with the local, traditional communities and we are committed to taking social and sustainable actions on our trips. Aware of the importance of these initiatives, our itineraries support cultural preservation and protection of vulnerable cultures and wildlife. We have social projects to help regional folk groups, donate musical instruments, encourage students to participate in musical groups and fanfares, and we support the community with donations and annual maintenance of the community school.

Attentive to the existing structures at these locations, we carry out selective garbage collection on all our expeditions, which are 100% plastic free. Our boats use photovoltaic energy and solar energy heating, and we always work with suppliers and staff in the region, thus contributing to the growth of the local economy, a fundamental step for the sustainability of development. We also work on building and supporting organic vegetable gardens and planting native trees. Since our start, we have provided the opportunity to each member of our groups to plant a tree while on their trip. Over the past 20+ years, we have already planted more than 20,000 trees.

But those aren’t our only seeds. In partnership with our international clients, we contribute each year to the development of young ambassadors and global leadership through our educational trips. With each student our mission is to make the world a better place.

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